Various styles of tile


Sometimes it is very difficult to choose which kind of tiles to choose for your home. You have to pay close attention to the rest of your house with which style it is decorated. At Darna tile, you got huge choices of tiles fit for every room. You can choose there any kind of shape, color or style of future tiles for your home. When we talk about styles they are some types that we are going to mention here. My favorite roofing contractor gives us useful advice about everything in and around the house, here’re some about tile types that we get from them.


Natural style

It is not so rare that people want to feel the nature in their houses. You don’t want to feel like you are in some kind of cold atmosphere without nature and soul. In this case, the best choice for your bathroom would be tiles that look exactly like real stones. There is nothing more natural than that. Another type, suitable for this type of style is definitely tiles that look like wooden boards. You will feel like in some kind of oasis in the middle of a city jungle. This type of tiles is more and more popular among city apartments .It gives to your bathroom a look of some kind of oasis of relaxing peace. If you are choosing tiles for your kitchen, then the best solution is tiled in a form of a brick. It really can give to your home a very natural look. And with carpets of warm color, you can be assured that your home will look like a resort for your soul. This is a good long-term solution because, like Pasadena carpet cleaners say, these tiles are easy to maintain.    



Urban look

The others prefer urban look. More and more these people are turning their homes into some kind of urban space. The best possible choice of tiles for this style is certainly tiled of gray, black, and white or red color. The forms of this kind of tiles are very simple and with their geometrical shapes, they are easy to fit in any part of your wall even when we talk about spaces in the attic. This look is very popular among apartments in big cities and with a combination with Hi-tech products they present our new modern world. This style is a style of a new generation. Sometimes they are combined with mirrors in which way you can ostensibly make your room look bigger. The main characteristic of this type of styles is definitely that cold look. Everything here looks so sterile and clean. There aren’t so many details or gloss. Tiles are often matt colored and sometimes ranged in a mosaic.

Glass Backsplash Tile Urban Brick

Whether you choose natural or urban style the one thing you should know that it is not all in appearance. You have to be aware that this is a long-term investment and you have to pay attention to the quality of your tiles. And don’t mix floor and wall tiles. If you do that don’t expect their long-term life. Sometimes to get the right thickness of your tile is more than enough for their long-term life.

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How to choose the proper tiles



When you are buying it is important to pay attention on the technical characteristics of ceramics depending on their future use. Approved products of reputable manufacturers give assurance that you will get for your money adequate ceramics that will be decorating your space for a very long time. The technical characteristics (resistance to frost, ice and chemicals, the percentage of moisture absorption, thickness and dimensions, hardness, visual uniformity) are classified into classes from first to third. 

The technology for producing ceramic and trends are changing from day to day, there are more and more advertisements through all kinds of media, and the question is how to make the right choice, to satisfy both aesthetic and technical criteria when choosing?

World of Ceramics has become like the fashion world, there are trends which alternate and prestigious designers tests himself in the design of various forms, shape and appearance of ceramic tiles. At the largest exhibition of ceramics and sanitary equipment CERSAIE in Bologna in 2010, for example, there were more than 1,000 exhibitors in nearly 180,000m2. In this diverse choice is not easy to decide for the option that you and your space most convenient but there are some rules that can make the choice easier. In Darna Tile for example experts suggest some rules for its selection.


The first thing you should  keep in mind is that setting ceramics generally you do not do so often, every few years, so you should try to make a choice that would be a long-term solution , both technically and aesthetically. You have to pay attention on the technical characteristic of ceramic.Pottery first class must have a multi-year warranty on the packaging, likewise caliber, color and time of production should be written.




Floor Ceramics

Factories commonly practice tiled pattern like an imitation of various types of stone. These are being developed during firing poor ground granite and ceramics after firing gets characteristics almost identical to stone. The difference between a stone and tile is that tiles are not porous like a rock so you have less susceptibility to moisture absorption. In addition to the technical differences between the natural stone and ceramics, there is a difference in price, which is not negligible. Natural stone is several times more expensive than tiles. There is no some difference between their look but Pasadena carpet cleaners say that there is a huge difference in quality.

Wall ceramics

With the walls, at least on the technical side, it is a little bit easier to select the appropriate ceramics. Finishing wall ceramics can also be matte, semi-gloss and glossy, and formats ranging from mosaic tiles to size 100x200cm. In addition to these there are also handmade tiles in smaller formats that are not perfectly the same size but it could have a very nice look in some interiors.When you are selecting the size please do not be afraid to put large format tiles on the walls of the small bathroom. You play with their sizes as well…Just use your imagination!


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